We often get questions about orthotics and want to provide answers to common questions we hear through this blog post.

Question #1: Who could Benefit from Orthotics?

The simple answer is that most people could benefit from foot orthotics. With all of the pounding we do to our feet, they often need some help. 

There are many genetic conditions of the feet that can be dramatically helped by orthotics – for both kids and adults. From finding relief for a long-standing foot pain without the need for surgery to preventing reoccurrence of a foot condition after surgery, orthotics are such a wonderful solution to an incredible number of foot conditions. While prescription orthotics are the most customized and ideal orthotic, there are some very high-quality over-the-counter orthotics that will bring significant benefits as well and are often a great first step for foot pain treatment.

Question #2: What Exactly Do Orthotics Do?

Orthotics are far from being just arch supports. What they do is control the way your feet move by changing force. It’s the abnormal movement of force of your feet that leads to many foot conditions and pain. To maintain foot health, optimal function requires correct alignment of bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons. Unfortunately, often because of genetics, the bones aren't aligned perfectly to function optimally.

Question #3: Are Good Supportive Shoes Enough?

Shoes that have good support are good for your feet...but they don’t even come close to providing the benefits of orthotics. Remember, it’s the control of abnormal force that’s most important to relieve foot pain which is what orthotics are designed to do. No shoe brand can completely control faulty foot movements.

Question #4: What Specific Conditions Can Orthotics Help?

Common foot conditions that benefit from orthotics include:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Bunions
  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Hammer toes
  • Flatfeet

Question #5: Can Orthotics Help Kids?

Yes! Orthotics have proven highly effective in treating specific foot conditions in children aged 2 to 18. Orthotics are great for most foot pain of kids with flat feet. Orthotics provide significant benefits to athletic children experiencing leg pain. Additionally, teenagers who are showing signs of genetic conditions such as bunions and hammertoes should get orthotics as quickly as possible to slow down the progressive deforming.

Question #6: Will Orthotics Fit in my Shoes?

We can make orthotics to fit in most types of shoes. Whether you wear dress shoes, athletic shoes, or work boots we can make orthotics to fit them perfectly. Consistent daily use of orthotic insoles is essential to fully experience their benefits. Look for a shoe that has a removable liner to optimize the orthotic fit.

Question #7: Do I Need Two Pairs of Orthotics?

While it is not necessary, many people do invest in two pairs so they can put them in different shoes. Wearing them consistently is the key and will give you the most benefit.

Pro Tip #1: Check out the high-quality over-the-counter orthotics Cure*ated offers here. These insoles have a unique arch shape offering reliable support paired with superior comfort. They combine stabilizing arch and heel support, along with cushioning, in a clinically effective design that decreases foot pain and improves function by changing force. It is an excellent first over-the-counter orthotic.

Pro Tip #2: As mentioned in Question #6, look for a shoe that has a removable liner or is deep, to optimize the orthotic fit.

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