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Empowering you to build a strong foundation of health and healing through carefully created and curated products and content to help you enjoy and engage life to the fullest.

Why Did We Start Cureated?

We’ve heard from patients, friends, and family that they don’t have time to research products, get to a doctor, not to mention take time off work.

Our products have been carefully curated by doctors and physical therapists. We seek to share the knowledge we have gleaned during our more than 60 years of combined experience treating patients to save you time and money and to kick start your healing journey so you can more quickly heal at home or on the go.

Providing a foundation of health and healing through curated products and content to help you

    Foot pain is one of the most common issues we treat; this Kit leverages our experience, the experience of other podiatrists, and of physical therapists to provide you with the highest quality combination of products and practices to effectively treat your foot pain. While many of the foot pain products on the market are poor quality, not vetted by podiatrists and physical therapists, nor holistic in their approach to treating foot pain, our Kit has been thoroughly vetted by our team with decades of combined experience in what actually works to treat foot pain. Our goal is to provide the most value, benefit, and comprehensive healing for your foot pain that can be accessed with the click of a button and shipped while you continue your work and activities.

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